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Competencies and Functions

 Item Item 
01.To manage general registry affairs 02.To draw up school regulations
03.To issue the notice of class registration and enrollment regulations 04.Assist with admission affairs
05.To submit the roster of matriculants for each program 06.To manage the application of MA or MS candidate for admission into the Ph.D. program
07.To manage the application for minor and double-major studies 08.To manage student registration and enrollment
09.To manage course enrollment 10.To manage the application for credit transfer
11.To submit rosters of study-suspended students,expelled students,transfer students, and study-resumed students 12.To submit rosters of incoming students
13.To issue student identification cards 14.To submit rosters of students retaining admission qualificatio
15.To manage the application for the issuance of study-suspension and study certificates 16.To manage the application for study suspension
17.To manage the application for department transfer 18.To review the qualifications and academic records of graduating classes
19.To make statistics of the enrollment 20.To manage the application for change of name and study year
21.To take charge of the calculation, publication and notification of academic records 22.To submit statistics
23.To issue transcripts and certificates in Chinese or in English 24.To make student files and enter academic records
25.To issue diplomas 26.To submit rosters of graduating students
27.To manage the application for departure from the school 28.To issue diplomas in English
29.To study items and events in relation to academic affairs 30.Responsible for Honorary Doctorates and Colin Awards
31.To manage other relevant affairs