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  Registration service  Q &A


How to apply course withdrawal?

A: 1. Students shall complete their application for any course withdrawal through the online Course Information & Enrollment System four weeks before the end-of-term examination. Upon submission online, no application for any course withdrawal shall be canceled.

2.Course withdrawal will be processed online starting with the 2016-2017 academic year.
(At the website of the Division of Registrar >Online Service >NCKU Course Information & Enrollment >Course Information & Enrollment System >Course withdrawal)

3.Course withdrawal will be indicated on the student’s transcript, and no refund will be made.

The deadline of Course withdrawal is refer to Academic Calendar .

Q2. What if students haven’t received tuition payment form?
A: 1.The student must download the form of payment fee for each semesters.

2.please print the payment fee form before the deadline form from the website of “Bank of Taiwan”. The school will NOT resend "fee payment form".

If you can not print “payment fee form”, please phone the extension number 50606、50607.

Q3. How to apply suspension? Have any conditions?
A: The procedure should be completed before final exams scheduled on the academic calendar
(1)serious diseases (with the medical evidence from special signatory clinic of NIH) (2) accidents (with the proof of serious accident)
Please submit applications with attached permission from parents or guardian to apply for suspension
Suspension of schooling for the first time should also fill out “NCKU Application Form for Leaving School”,  and take this application form back to Registrar's Division.
Q4. How to transfer major?
A: Application Method of Transfer of MajorPlease refer to the announcement of Registrar’s Division
Fill out the application form .Please send document listed above to your original department and the department you are transferring to be examined
bring your application form to the undertaker of the Registrar’s Division to be examined.
Q5. Admission reservation application
A: Application timeBefore new student registered
(1) Serious disease (attach Hospital Certificate) (2) military service

New students, who are not able to complete registration due to military service, serious disease or accident, should apply for

admission reservation by submitting the APPLICATION FORM FOR RESERVING STUDENT STATUS before the final day of registration; no fee is required.

The undertaker, the director of register’s office, and the dean of the academic affair must authorize the application.

Q6. How to apply for Chinese or English transcript?

Application time
Monday to Friday: 8.00 am - 5.00 pm

ApplicantCurrent students & Alumni
1.Please apply Chinese or English Transcript via coin machine (pick up immediately), English Degree Certificate and English Enrollment Certificate takes 3 working days. English certificates except English Diploma charge NT$20 per each.

2.Online Transcript & Record Application System

If you graduated before1990, the processing time will be 5 working days.

Q7. How to apply for “English Diploma” and” Class ranking certificate”?
A. Application timeMonday to Friday: 8.00 am - 5.00 pm (3 working days)

Apply via coin machine or Online Transcript & Record Application System or
mailing for the application.(Please enclose a stamped addressed envelop with sufficient postage and indicates the graduate year and basic information.)

Fill out the Academic Certificates Application Form (Information such as student’s English name, etc, will be based on the first application form).

"English Diploma" can only apply one copy.( NT$100)

Q8. Reissued Student Card (NT$200)
A:  Procedures
  1.Please fill out the application form for reporting loss online or go to Registrar's Division Counter No.1 .
  2.Pay the handling fee (NT$200) via coin machine and keep the receipt for reference.
  3.Take the payment receipt to the Registrars Division to apply for a new one.
Q9. How to propose graduation before the normal time?
A: Submission TimeStudents can apply “graduation before the normal time” during the “Graduation of Appraisal and Valuation Period” by department in each semester.
Applicant: The current student
Method of application: Handles personally
  1.Applicants may submit transcripts with all relevant documents by individual department/graduate institute are required.
  2.Appraisal by department.
  3.The candidate should submit the application form to the Registrar's Division for examination and for further re-examination by President of NCKU.
Q10. Reissued Degree Certification (NT$100)
A: Application timeDuring work hours
Applicant: Alumni
Handle personally or apply through Internet (please enclose a stamped addressed envelop with sufficient postage, and indicates the graduate year)
Renewal of Chinese certificate of degree: Please submit the renewal application form and the photocopy of the front and back of your ID or the copy of household registration. Reissued Degree Certification would cost NT$100.
       1.Fill out the application form.
       2.Please hand in application form and related documents.
       3.Mailing application to the undertaker of the Registrars Division. (please enclose a stamped addressed envelop with sufficient postage.)
Q11. How to apply minor subject & double major?

1.The period of application:
A. Undergraduate program students: after one academic year to the beginning of the last academic year of the study period (excluding the extension of the study period). However, transfer students must study at NCKU for one academic year before they can apply for a minor.
B. Master and doctoral degree: from the second semester to the beginning of the fourth semester.
The application deadline and method for previous two items shall be handled in accordance with the announcement of the Academic Affairs Office.
2. Application process:
(1). Online application via application forms system.
(2). Send it to the Department (School) which you want to apply for approval
(3). After approval, the student should send it to the undertaker of the Registration Team for registration
3. Abandonment process:
(1). Fill out the waiver application form.
(2). The application form shall be returned to the undertaker of the Registration Team for registration after verification.

Q12. How to change the name of your academic certificate?
A: Method of ApplyApplying by person or by mail (enclose a stamped addressed envelop)

Application conditionThe original diploma can not be laminated. If you laminated your diploma, you have to apply diploma reissued Please refer to Q10).
      1.The photocopy of the front and back of your ID
      2.Original Graduate Diploma
      3.The copy of household