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Financal Information

01. 基本數據及趨勢
Statistics and Trend Charts

Fee Schedule

03. 學生在學期間除學雜費以外之教育支出估算(本資料由學務處提供)
Other Estimated Expense during the Semester except Miscellaneous Fees (Data Supplied by Office of Student Affairs)
  • 生活費(依據「高級中等以上學校學生就學貸款作業要點」,就學貸款之生活費可貸金額,由本校生活輔導組辦理)
    Living Expenses (According to “The Senior High School and University Student Loans Guidelines”, Loan Amount of Living Expense Student Loan)
04. 學雜費調整之用途規劃說明
Use of Change in Tuitions and Miscellaneous
No change will be made in Academic Year 2017.
05. 學生意見陳述
student opinion represents