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Financal Information

01. 基 本數據及趨勢
Statistics and Trend Charts

Fee Schedule

  • Master Programs (including Industrial Technology R&D Master Program、In-Service Master Programs) and Doctoral Program   碩士班(含產業研發專班)、博士班
  •   107  108  109  110  111
  • Master Programs (In-Service Master Programs)  碩士在職專班
  •   111
  • International Students and Chinese Students   外國學生與大陸地區學生
  •  107  108  109  110   111
03. 學 生在學期間除學雜費以外之教育支出估算(本資料由學務處提供)
Other Estimated Expense during the Semester except Miscellaneous Fees (Data Supplied by Office of Student Affairs)
  • Living Expenses
    (According to “The Senior High School and University Student Loans Guidelines”, Loan Amount of Living Expense Student Loan)
04. 學雜費調整之用途規劃說明
Use of Change in Tuitions and Miscellaneous

     No change will be made at Fall Semester 2022 and Spring Semester 2023.


05. 學生意見陳述
student opinion represents