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NCKU Notice of Course Enrollment for the Spring semester of 2024

NCKU Notice of Course Enrollment                          

In accordance with the NCKU calendar for the 2023-24 academic year and related enrollment regulations, this notice of course enrollment, coded as (112) Jiao-Zhu-Zi No. 55, was issued by the Office of Academic Affairs on December 6, 2023 to provide registration instructions for course enrollment for the spring semester of 2024.

Please read NCKU Notice of Course Enrollment for the Spring semester of 2024

For continuing students, please ensure you can log onto the system before the 1st Stage of Course Enrollment. If you fail to log onto the system with your password, please contact the Cheng Kung Portal Consulting Services on the 1st floor of the Computer and Network Center (ext. 61010, 61045). To increase the effectiveness of course enrollment, the Cheng Kung Portal will not be available for you to log in for course registration during the three stages of online course enrollment. Please log onto the online course enrollment system to register for courses.

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